Quote of the day: ACTING

August 17, 2011


In Coming Up Roses, an indie feature premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival in September, [Bernadette Peters] plays a former musical actress, the disturbed mother of two girls who find that singing show tunes to lift the spirits doesn’t always work. “Yes, another light part,” Peters says, sounding mystified, or amused, by her choice. “And do you know what I had to do one day? I had to find a way to hit my 15-year-old daughter.” (The actress playing the role was 19.) “I mean really smack her around. I’ve never hit anyone in my life! After I did it, I felt like I was having a heart attack for a week.” For a second it seems she may have one again, but instead the moment resolves in a giggle. “Isn’t it a strange profession? When you have to look for something like that within yourself, it’s scary. And what’s also scary,” she adds, touching the moon at her throat, “is that you find it.”

— Jesse Green, New York magazine

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