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August 18, 2011

Theater Communications Group (the service organization that, among other things, publishes American Theatre magazine) is celebrating its 50th anniversary right now. Part of that celebration is a campaign called “I Am Theatre” that centers on mini video profiles of people from all corners of the theater world. And hey — I’m this week’s poster boy! Apparently, I am theatre! Check it out and let me know what you think.

One Response to “Good stuff online”

  1. Steve V. Says:

    The theater critics I most admire are those that seem to function as a kind of lighting designer with words. They illuminate art and artists (Elizabeth LeCompte and her company’s work are good examples) that might not be sufficiently visible, given the obscurity that surrounds most avant-garde theater in this country.

    Conversely, they have power to reduce the glare of publicity which can distort our perceptions of certain hyped-up productions (I’m thinking here of Julie Taymor’s Spiderman), so that it’s possible by reading them to appreciate the contours of the show in a more natural, and perhaps favorable, light.

    The one danger I perceive in really good theater criticism is that the reader may wind up feeling that he or she has actually seen the same performance as the critic, without ever having been in the theater. That’s a tribute to the evocative power of the writing, but a disincentive to supporting the artists by observing in person the work that they do.

    And that’s the paradox of the greatest theater critics: they champion an art form, but may inadvertently inspire at least some of their readers to avoid it.

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