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Quote of the day: ACTIVISM

December 11, 2018


No sane person with a life really wants to be a political activist. When activism is exciting, it tends to involve the risk of bodily harm or incarceration, and when it’s safe, it is often tedious, dry, and boring. Activism tends to put on into contact with extremely unpleasant people, whether they are media interviewers, riot cops, or, at times, your fellow activists. Not only that, it generates enormous feelings of frustration and rage, makes your throat sore from shouting, and hurts your feet. Nonetheless, at this moment in history, we are called to act as if we truly believe that the Earth is a living, conscious being that we’re part of, that human beings are interconnected and precious, and that liberty and justice for all is a desirable thing.


Quote of the day: LOVE

September 25, 2018


The person who is best suited to us is not the person who shares our every taste (he or she doesn’t exist), but the person who can negotiate differences in taste intelligently — the person who is good at disagreement. Rather than some notional idea of perfect complementarity, it is the capacity to tolerate differences with generosity that is the true marker of the “not overly wrong” person. Compatibility is an achievement of love; it must not be its precondition.

–Alain de Botton, “Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person”

Quote of the day: MYERS-BRIGGS

September 10, 2018


The key to the [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator’s] success is [Briggs’] insight that you can waste a lot of energy and bring on a lot of psychic pain if you think of these differences as incompatibilities that have to be ironed out. The differences are innate, and each type of personality is as “normal” as the others. There is no better way to be—logical or emotional, spontaneous or organized, party bro or brooder. These are not imperfections to be corrected. They are hardwired dispositions to be recognized and accommodated.

–Louis Menand, “Can You Type?” in the New Yorker

Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs

Quote of the day: DRAG

September 3, 2018


Who were your drag inspirations? Were there any human beings?

Barbie is at the top of the list. I mean, she’s as real as anybody to me. In society we are what we’re dressed as. If you’re backstage, wearing all black with a headset on, you’re a stage manager. If somebody knocks on your car window, you wouldn’t open it — but if he’s dressed as a policeman, you would. And with Barbie, it’s the same toy from the same mold from the same factory, but if she has a lab coat on, she’s a vet. If she has an astronaut suit on, she’s an astronaut. Drag is a parody of all that. Everyone knows we’re not what we’re dressing as.

–Trixie Mattel, interviewed by Molly Lambert in the New York Times Magazine

Quote of the day: ASK

September 2, 2018


In the 4th World, regardless of what you deserve, all you are going to get is what you are capable of asking for.

–Frank Waters, The Book of the Hopi

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