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Quote of the day: EXISTENCE

May 11, 2023


Everything except language
knows the meaning of existence.
Trees, planets, rivers, time
know nothing else. They express it
moment by moment as the universe.

Even this fool of a body
lives it in part, and would
have full dignity within it
but for the ignorant freedom
of my talking mind.

–Les Murray, “The Meaning of Existence”

Quote of the day: SELF-IMPROVEMENT

April 14, 2023

I tried to be a better person.

Soon it seemed to me that what began as terror

and matured into moral narcissism

might have become in fact

actual human growth.

–Louise Glück, “The Empty Glass” (read the full poem here)

Quote of the day: DEMOCRACY

March 14, 2023


When I was making What Is Democracy? I interviewed some young Republicans. I don’t normally talk to twenty-two-year-old Trump supporters, and I assumed that they were going to give me the conservative spiel that democracy is free markets and everyone having a chance to duke it out in the marketplace and trickle-down economics and blah, blah, blah. Instead they told me they don’t like democracy, because democracy is about the majority wanting to improve their situation, and they, the young Republicans, are part of a minority of affluent white people. They literally mocked democracy on camera; that scared me.

They see capitalism as more valuable than democracy, because capitalism benefits them. And if the masses are empowered, they’re going to want to take rich white people down a peg. These young Republicans recognize that their status is dependent on others being impoverished. They recognize that if we had a popular vote in this country, and not the Electoral College, Republicans would not win the presidency. They recognize that controlling a majority of seats on the Supreme Court is essential to imposing their agenda. It’s not going to happen through mobilizing voters, because the policies they support are genuinely not popular.

What’s increasingly clear is that the far Right is abandoning democracy. It sees democracy as the enemy. It is a politics of aristocracy, a politics of hierarchy. I have gone on deep dives into far-Right subcultures online, and what they hate about democracy is the idea of equality at the center of it.

–filmmaker Astra Taylor, interviewed by Finn Cohen in The Sun

photo by Deborah DeGraffenreid

Quote of the Day: ART

March 1, 2023


A portrait is a picture in which there is just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth.

–John Singer Sargent

Quote of the day: JOURNALISM

February 20, 2023


You know what journalists do? They take the shit out of your mouth and they throw it in your face.

—Willem de Kooning

portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

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