Quote of the day: DRAG

September 3, 2018


Who were your drag inspirations? Were there any human beings?

Barbie is at the top of the list. I mean, she’s as real as anybody to me. In society we are what we’re dressed as. If you’re backstage, wearing all black with a headset on, you’re a stage manager. If somebody knocks on your car window, you wouldn’t open it — but if he’s dressed as a policeman, you would. And with Barbie, it’s the same toy from the same mold from the same factory, but if she has a lab coat on, she’s a vet. If she has an astronaut suit on, she’s an astronaut. Drag is a parody of all that. Everyone knows we’re not what we’re dressing as.

–Trixie Mattel, interviewed by Molly Lambert in the New York Times Magazine

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