Photo Diary: Mexico City miscellania

August 17, 2018

The subway system in Mexico City runs very well — the trains are fast and quiet, they’ll take you almost anywhere in the city, though the whole system shuts down at midnight. On the platform are screens almost always showing rock videos from the VH-1 era and earlier, for some reason. And as in Rio de Janeiro, there are train cars and waiting areas set aside specifically for women and children. Yes, the trains get quite crowded, and apparently some guys can’t be trusted to keep their hands to themselves….

What is this object, you might ask? It’s a stand to hang your purse or shopping bag or backpack on that magically appears next to your table if needed. David told me there’s a superstition that leaving your bag on the ground will make your money disappear.

In Mexico as in Italy, many bars offer a full array of free snacks at happy hour. The translation sometimes leaves something to be desired. Chiltepin pig? Ostion cream?

Beautiful parks all over the city. I was most taken with Parque Mexico, in the Condesa neighborhood, in the midst of which stands this monument to Albert Einstein.

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