Photo diary: January 2017, Colorado (part 2)

February 7, 2017

(click photos to enlarge)

In addition to visiting my sisters, we also hung out with Andy’s Aunt Jeanne and her partner Russ, who makes his own wine. And I had a long-anticipated reunion with my dear old friend Tami Tanoue, whom I hadn’t seen in 50 years. We went to fourth, fifth, and half of sixth grade together at Tachikawa Air Force Base in Japan, and thanks to the wonders of Facebook we re-connected a few years ago. She lives in Denver with her husband Roger, a comic-book writer, five dogs, and two cats.


We also dipped our toes into the world of legal cannabis, where Colorado has led the way. We had a look at five different shops selling the whole array of cannabis products in Denver, Aurora, and Boulder. One cool thing about legal cannabis is that products are labeled with information about the potency, suggested dosing, and how long it takes to kick in. The staff at any dispensary are also extremely well-informed and happy to answer questions. How would you know otherwise? O brave new world!

For all the time I’ve spent in Denver, I’ve never visited the art museum, so we took a couple of hours one afternoon to repair that oversight. Aside from the thoughtfully curated multiple exhibitions (we had a look at “Audacious,” a show of contemporary political art, as well as the permanent collection of Western and American Indian art and masks and fabric from Oceania) and the unusual architecture, the Denver Art Museum has more ardent interactivity than I’ve ever seen before. Rooms for parents and children to sit and make things. A system encouraging viewers of challenging contemporary art to identify and express the feelings the artwork evokes. Wall plaques that go above and beyond the call of duty. Very well attended on a Tuesday afternoon. And a cafe serving delicious food.


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