Photo diary: January 2017, Colorado (part 1 — la famiglia)

February 6, 2017

(click photos to enlarge)

My middle sister, Barbara, turned 60 on New Year’s Day, so we flew to Colorado to celebrate with her and to meet the newest members of the family: my niece Jeri’s daughter Kyla, who was born the day after her brother Kody turned 21, and my youngest sister Joanne’s fiancé Richard, who is such a cannabis devotee that they’re planning to get married at Bongathon this summer. The birthday celebration was hosted by Barbara’s younger daughter Carlee and her fiance Michael, who has a super-smart and super-cute 9-year-old son named Josh, and also attended by Jeri and Carlee’s brother Adam, his girlfriend Jamie, and his son Brent, as well as my older sister Marianne, who flew in from Maine. Richard and Michael watched the football game while some of us took the dogs (Molly and Mia) for a walk. The next day there was a family photo shoot at a studio in the nearby mall operated by a friendly pair of African-American guys, and then I packed my sisters into the car for a drive up to Boulder where we had late-afternoon tea at the Dunshanbe Teahouse, which was designed and created by over 40 artisans in Tajikistan who then took it apart, crated it up, shipped it, and then flew to Boulder to reassemble it in 1990.


One Response to “Photo diary: January 2017, Colorado (part 1 — la famiglia)”

  1. GW Says:

    What fun! Thanks for sharing. Gary


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