Photo diary: Firenze farewell

June 29, 2016

(click photos twice to enlarge)

After breakfast on Saturday, we said goodbye to our beautiful house, and our friendly companions dispersed to their next destinations.

6-18 il tribbio exterior approach6-18 breakfast spread6-18 john and nick's breakfast tabledon john andy by salvato
Andy and I returned to Casa Howard in Florence, where we spent part of the afternoon wandering around the Oltr’Arno window-shopping (dazzling housewares, the coolest jazz record store ever) and enjoying the witty graffiti (iconic American as blockhead) until we noticed a poster announcing that the Tuscan gay pride parade was taking place…today! In fact, right now!

6-18 san jacopo showroom6-18 twisted jazz shop6-18 blockhead graffiti6-18 pride is contagious
So we wended our way back to the other side of the river and eventually found the parade, full of enthusiastic youngsters who kept waving at someone over our heads — we crossed the street to see who it was, and it was all-purpose Nonna, beaming beatifically at the marchers and accepting their excited greetings.

6-18 waving to nonna6-18 butterflies poster6-18 carabinieri
Then it was time to park in a pleasant piazza for a classic Italian cocktail (Negroni) with classic Italian cocktail snacks (potato chips).

6-18 negronis and nibblies
We followed a costumed marching band from Lucca to the Piazza della Signoria, where they mingled with the plethora of homoerotic statues, new sculpture by Belgian artist Jan Fabre, and a wedding photographer taking his job very seriously.

6-18 marching band from lucca6-18 look at that schnozz6-18 lucca hottie6-18 speak softly and take a good sniff6-18 jan fabre and faux david6-18 wedding pictures
We had dinner al fresco at Michael’s first choice, where the waiter engaged us in zesty conversations about wine and American politics and where Andy ordered one of the most sublime dishes we ate all week, gnudi with spinach and sage. Gelato, a good night’s sleep, and off to the airport. Va bene!

6-18 last supper in florence6-18 delicious gnudi6-18 housewares display

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  1. youngjw3 Says:

    I felt I was there with you! Great pictures! Wish I were…

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