Photo diary: Come Back to Your Senses, day 6 (Montepulciano)

June 29, 2016

(click photos twice to enlarge)

On our last day together, we took an expedition to Montepulciano, where I’d never been and which turned out to be an exquisitely beautiful and charming town to visit. It’s one of the highest Tuscan hill towns. From the top of the bell tower in the Palazzo Communale (Town Hall) the 360-degree views are spectacular.

6-17 montepulciano tower6-17 montepulciano rooftops landscape6-17 from the tower 46-17 bell detail
After strolling around the town encountering unexpected sights and sounds (a tenor serenading passersby with a passionate aria), Andy and I settled down for lunch with Jay and Terry Wayne at a cafe overlooking the main piazza. While a Brazilian couple played flute and piano in the square, we shared a bottle of the local wine, vino nobile de Montepulciano, and I had the tastiest lunch of the week — simple grilled sausage with roasted potatoes.

6-17 boot planters6-17 andy and terry wayne6-17 terry wayne and drinkables6-17 musicians in piazza Barbara Piperno Marco Ruviero6-17 best lunch all week
A spectacular sunset capped our day.

6-17 sunset over tuscan pool

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