Photo diary: a week in the Catskills

September 28, 2014

(click on photos to enlarge)

Eat your heart out, William Eggleston!

9-17 trout parade
9-19 why trout matter
9-19 middle school
9-18 hardware store
9-17 house on creek9-17 for rent
9-19 creekside
9-19 pet waste
9-14 goat milk chai caramels
9-19 halloween sign
9-19 3-ton bridge
9-19 smalltown synagogue
9-19 vacuum
9-19 vending machines
9-19 fire dept
9-18 horizontal pines
9-19 artists rendering
9-19 7 maiden lane
9-14 on the porch
9-14 hosts and guests

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