Playlist: iPod shuffle 9/27/14

September 28, 2014

“Reflections,” MisterWives
“Lothlorien – Lament for Gandalf,” Howard Shore featuring Elisabeth Fraser (Lord of the Rings OST)
“Anything Goes,” Helen Merrill
“Crystalfilm,” Little Dragon
“Dixie,” Tori Amos
“Learn to Keep your Mouth Shut Owen Pallett,” Final Fantasy
“Sonnets/Unrealities XI,” Bjork
“Make Love So Hard,” Darden Smith
“Like a Tourist,” Of Montreal
[with a typical lyric crammed full of postmodern psychoanalytic buzzwords: “You fetishize the archetype”]
“Ternontiene,” Panda Valium
“Neglected Space,” Imogen Heap
“MX Missilies,” Andrew Bird
“My Cup Runneth Over,” Aretha Franklin
“Aaj Ki Raat,” Slumdog Millionaire OST
“A Different Girl: Every Night,” Me’Shell Ndegeocello
“Dynamite,” Taio Cruz
[I know, kinda trashy, but IMHO one of the greatest dance tracks produced this decade]
“About to Die,” Dirty Projectors
“Get It Wrong, Get It Right,” Feist
“Soon Enough,” Aimee Mann [watch the YouTube video — crazy, intense, a little disturbing]
“Fickle Dove,” Madeleine Peyroux
“Tall Tales,” Matt Alber
“Wally, Egon & Models in the Studio,” Rachel’s
“Bom Demais,” Jorge de Altinho & Dominguinhos
“Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful,” Santino Fontana and Laura Osnes (Cinderella OCR)
“Paradise Circus (Gul Boratto Remix),” Massive Attack
“Another Thought (Hollow Tree),” Arthur Russell
“Raise Me Up,” Hercules & Love Affair
“Adventure.exe,” Final Fantasy
“Shake That Devil,” Antony & the Johnsons
“Chiclete Com Banana,” Jackson Do Padeiro
“Into the Vast,” Coyote Oldman
“where is the love,” the Black Eyed Peas

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