In this week’s New Yorker

May 4, 2012

Best story: the report by the magazine’s expert on Iran, Laura Secor, about the recent elections there, unusual in its minute details about the experience of how she is treated personally, controlled and manipulated and hounded by minders who are most upset about the possibility that she might write about how much things cost in Tehran these days. Very interesting read.

Best story on a topic I didn’t think I cared about: a profile by David Kushner of George Hotz, a 22-year-old hacker who succeeded in breaking into not only one of the first iPhones but Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Best parenthetical remark: in TV reviewer Emily Nussbaum’s entertaining piece on Game of Thrones, she mentions that “This season, early episodes have suggested the outlines of a developing war, hopping among a confusing selection of Starks, semi-Starks, and members of the Baratheon clan. (There are so many musky twenty-something men with messy hair that a friend joked they should start an artisanal pickle factory in Red Hook.)”

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