Photo diary: Occupy May Day

May 3, 2012

May 1 marked the official spring re-awakening of the Occupy Wall Street movement, with May Day actions all over town and a major rally in Union Square

I showed up with my friend Jonathan and we observed the energy — peaceful, energized, and unfocused

The crowd felt like real New Yorkers, all ages and colors, lots of union members and artists

With everybody doing his or her or their own thing, it was a little taste of “People’s Park” in Union Square — a show of solidarity for working people of every description everywhere. Political sentiments ranged from electoral to literary — Jonathan dubbed this woman’s sign as “Occupy Wonderland”

The people-watching was delicious, the outfits extraordinary.

Eventually, a march to Wall Street commenced, but we had other things to do. Walking toward the subway, we heard coming up behind us an enormous commotion. A very loud, very enraged young black queen in a Dolce + Gabbana windbreaker was shrieking into his cel phone: “I can’t get a fuckin’ taxi because these broke-ass bitches out here complaining about they broke when they should just get a job!” I feel your pain, girl. But, you know, shut up.

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