Quote of the day: SEX

September 5, 2011

“10 Slow Sex Tips”

1. Go slower than you would imagine. Then go even slower. In slow sex, there is no minimum speed limit. We promise, if you want to rev things up–try slowing down.

2. Play with peaking. Orgasm has its ups and downs.  Get to know both and enjoy a whole new kind of ride.

3. Increase attention rather than pressure.If you want to get more out of sex, expand your range beyond “harder and faster.” Increase attention along the way.  Try this on for size: What does it feel like to focus on your partner’s collar bone 5 minutes straight?

4. Stay Connected. Fantasy can be fun, but it often leaves your partner behind.  Stay connected physically and emotionally.  Sex will get much more satisfying for you both.

5. Speak your sensations. Communication is the easiest way to increase intimacy. Discover how sexy “simple” can be. Reveal to your partner what you feel in your body right now. Your sensation will increase the more you do.

6. Safeport your partner. Pave the way for deeper sensation. Tell your partner what you are going to do before you do it.

7. Ask for what you want. Don’t dumb down your desires. Even if your partner says no, you increase intimacy and connection when you are honest.

8. Say the thing you don’t want them to know.  Taboo is sexy.  You don’t have to act on it, but why keep that sensation to yourself?

9. Do it for your own pleasure. Especially when you are in “giving” mode. The better it feels to you, the better it will feel to your partner.  Touch them so that it feels good to you.

10. Do it now. Why wait? Ask for the sex you want, right now, today.

— Nicole Daedone, Slow Sex

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