Photo diary: a Labor Day stroll through Central Park

September 5, 2011

Randall met Andy and me on the East Side by the Children's Zoo.

We were going to meet him at Bethesda Fountain but he didn't know where that was. He's Canadian, so we forgave him. I always associate Bethesda Fountain with "Angels in America," but really these days it is the domain of Asian wedding photographers.

Andy, for obvious reasons, pointed out this memorial stone next to the boat pond, near the Bow Bridge. Anyone know the story behind this plaque?

Labor action at the Boathouse Cafe -- quite successful. No one was going into the restaurant.

I'd never noticed the stone bench on the path just above E. 72nd Street with the Latin legend carved into it ALTERI VIVAS OPORTET SI VIS TIBI VIVERE ("You should live for others if you would live for yourself"), built in honor of Walter Hutchins. This beautiful brass sundial sits on the back of the bench.

Therisa Barber, ballerinamime

A little cherub in her hot daddy's arms

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