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Photo diary/Culture Vulture: FlameCon 2016

August 21, 2016

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Andy and I checked out day two of FlameCon, the LGBTQ comics convention at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott. It was a dazzling festival of gay geekery as far as the eye could see, with a full range of ages, colors, races, gender identities, and geek communities in evidence.

8-21 supergeek
Andy got to reconnect with Tony Breed, an artist whose web comic inspired an ongoing Twitter conversation and virtual friendship.

8-21 tony breed and my big honking geek
We were both delighted to meet big sexy bear Steve MacIsaac, creator of the smart and beautiful and melancholy graphic zine Shirtlifter. (I overheard him earnestly explaining to someone where the name comes from.)

The organizers did an impeccable job thinking of all the ways to make FlameCon inviting for populations who don’t always feel welcomed — free day for teenagers, stickers indicating what pronouns you prefer, a break room with a name I couldn’t parse (AFK Lounge, which my darling Big Honking Geek translated for me: Away From Keyboard).

8-21 afk lounge
I bought a book (Kindris) and a T-shirt from Anthony Dortch, Jr., whose trippy textured work immediately resonated with me.

8-21 kindris
O, Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn!

8-21 dump trump

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