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Photo diary: Sunday in Long Island City

June 30, 2013

Last weekend Andy and I had brunch with Mathew and Joey in Long Island City at Sage General Store, famous for its Bacon Brunch. Bacon with everything! Yummy discovery. Plus, it turned out to be just a couple of blocks away from MOMA P.S. 1, a museum I’ve heard about as long as I’ve been in New York but never visited. This was clearly the day! In the event, I found the space very interesting — literally, a former elementary school — but the artwork for the most part mundane and unremarkable, with a few exceptions. I did enjoy Ian Cheng’s Entropy Wrangler, a digital screen wriggling with CGI critters submerged in a shallow bed of water alongside various cel phones and other electronic devices. I also enjoyed James Turrell’s peaceful Meeting, which a young child viewing it with her mother accurately described as “a big hole.”

6-23 turrell meeting 1
But my favorite piece on display was Pawel Althamer’s Brodno People:

brodno people 6-23 brodno people wall plaque
When I left PS 1, I noticed across the street a curiously graffiti-covered building that looked like something you’d stumble across in San Francisco’s Mission District:

6-23 across the street from MOMA PS1

And then a block away I noticed a dead end block that emanated an intriguing amount of energy:

6-23 dead end 6-23 tracks
Et voila, I found myself in 5 Pointz Aerosol Arts Center, a mecca for graffiti artists that has apparently been operating continuously since 1993, unknown to ignorant me:

6-23 5 pointz intro 6-23 5 pointz 6-23 men at work 2 6-23 local project 6-23 men at work 6-23 doorways 6-23 five pointz puddle

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