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In this week’s New Yorker

August 14, 2011

The highlights begin with Christoph Niemann’s timely cover illustration entitled “S.O.S.” (above) and continue with the issue’s centerpiece, a long definitive take-out on Michele Bachmann by political reporter Ryan Lizza. Certainly for anyone who suspects that the Minnesota Congresswoman who wants to be president is an intellectual lightweight unafraid to lie, inflate her credentials, commune with racist ideologues and right-wing nutjobs, and shove her conservative brand of Christian proselytizing down anyone’s throat, Lizza delivers the confirmation in calm, well-researched detail.

There’s also a fascinating article by Tom Bissell about Jennifer Hale, an actress whose vast experience doing voice-overs for video games has led people to regard her as the Meryl Streep of her field.

And then of course, the cartoons, including this one by Roz Chast. I love her greeting cards!

Plus, did you know she’s designed a drinking glass for Fishs Eddy??? You can get a look at them online here.

In this week’s New Yorker

October 7, 2010

It’s the Money Issue, with two really long upsetting stories worth reading.

Ryan Lizza’s detailed report on the attempt by John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman to write epochal climate-change legislation and then rally enough support in the Senate to pass it is as depressing and infuriating a picture of how the U.S. government works as any I’ve read. The sheer idiotic partisan politics of assholes like Mitch McConnell (“the Republican leader and architect of the strategy to oppose every part of Obama’s agenda”) would theoretically outrage the voting public…except that the populace turns out to be equally idiotic. Nobody comes off looking good, including the Obama Administration.

Then there’s Philip Gourevitch’s survey of the modern humanitarian-aid industry, which centers on Dutch journalist Linda Polman’s book The Crisis Caravan: What’s Wrong with Humanitarian Aid?, which deals with a lot of ugly truths about the Red Cross and other humanitarian efforts and how they paradoxically perpetuate suffering by relieving warring countries and insurgencies from cleaning up their own messes.

This kind of eyes-open, well-written, hard-headed journalism is what I read The New Yorker for. It’s nice to have a balance, though, so I also really enjoyed Nora Ephron’s piece “My Life as an Heiress.” Nora Ephron is just a fantastic storyteller, don’t you think?

Not to mention a beautiful Chris Ware story as the fold-out cover and a terrific lead Talk of the Town piece by Steve Coll about shaky U.S. relations with Pakistan.

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