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Quote of the day: RINGO

November 8, 2015


You worked on Ringo’s Stop and Smell the Roses album around then, didn’t you?
He asked me to write a song or two for it. They weren’t very successful. I wish that I’d written a better song for him. You can’t always do it. But anyway, we had a laugh. We went down to Super Bear in the South of France to do it. He was in a particularly crazy stimulant-laden time and he had decided he wanted to do this song called “You Can’t Fight Lighting.” It goes on for about 15 minutes. The lyrics are, “You can’t fight lightning.” It was something to do with freebasing. Lightning, lighting, drugs. So anyway, that was that. It was just a trifle boring, that take. But I didn’t have the guts to say, “We should fix this up.”

–Paul McCartney, interviewed for Uncut magazine

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