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Good stuff online: Dan Martin and Michael Biello’s song “Annie Sprinkle”

January 1, 2013

Michael Biello and Dan Martin, partners in art and in life, have written many wonderful songs together over the years. They’re currently working on a show called In My Body, and they’ve made a demo recording of this delicious song about the legendary pleasure activist Annie Sprinkle. Sung by Michele Ragusa, the song describes the epiphanic experience of seeing Annie’s performance piece Post-Porn Modernist, where she invited audience members to the stage to look at her pussy…I mean, to examine her cervix. I witnessed an earlier version of this show, when Richard Schechner asked Annie to conduct her sex education class as part of a show he staged at the Performing Garage called The Prometheus Project, and I can attest to the beautiful, sweet, innocent, hilarious, and shamanic impact of Annie’s physical generosity. This was truly Living Theater! Dan and Michael capture the essence of Annie’s message: “To pleasure yourself is to pleasure the world!”


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