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Quote of the day: CHANGE

May 13, 2015


[Kenji] Yoshino, a leading progressive thinker about civil rights, is the Chief Justice Earl Warren professor of constitutional law at New York University Law School. The story of his title helps explain why he wrote this book [Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial]. When the law school’s dean offered him the chair, Yoshino explains, “Chief Justice” wasn’t part of its name. He declined it as a Japanese-American: Warren, as California’s attorney general during World War II, had approved the internment of Japanese-Americans. A few days later, the dean called again to point out that, as chief justice, Warren apologized for the internment, then to offer Yoshino the chair with the full title. “Wouldn’t it be great,” the dean asked, “if your chair embodied how much an individual can grow over a single lifetime?” Yoshino [pictured below] accepted the position.

–Lincoln Caplan, New York Times Book Review

kenji yoshino

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