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January 30, 2011

My review of Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities at Lincoln Center Theater has been published on I met Robbie Baitz when he was very young, 24 or 25, and had just had his first taste of success in Los Angeles with Mislansky/Zilinsky. I’ve been watching his plays ever since.

“It’s not that Baitz has never succumbed to the occasional cliché or authorial contrivance, but he has impressed me with the consistent excellence of his work more than almost any other American playwright, certainly of his generation. In plays like A Fair Country, Mislansky/Zilinsky or ‘Schmucks,’ and The Paris Letter, Baitz zeroes in on corruption and moral rot as it shows up in various corners of business—publishing, academia, high finance, Hollywood, the art world. He’s probably best-known now as the creator of the hit TV series “Brothers and Sisters,” which exposed a wider audience to his gift for dramatizing intricate family dynamics in sophisticated dialogue. Those same talents shine especially bright in his latest play at Lincoln Center Theater, Other Desert Cities.”

You can read the complete review online here.

After Ben Brantley’s rave review in the NY Times, the play’s run is completely sold out. At the show, I sat next to Ken Fallin, who does theater illustrations for the Wall Street Journal and other publications. He mentioned that Other Desert Cities is supposed to move to Broadway in the fall.

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