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Quote of the day: TANTRA

October 17, 2011


Tantra is an embodied spirituality. Embodiment means integrating the teachings, the techniques, the explorations and experiments into your total physical/mental/emotional and spiritual being. If the way you live, the space you create, your relationship to your food and where it comes from, your use of the earth’s resources, your relationship to Gaia who feeds and clothes and shelters you – and whose fluids run through your veins – are all unconscious, indifferent, and damaging to the web of life of which you are a part, then that’s not embodied. It doesn’t matter that you breathe when you’re having sex, or that you say a mantra sometimes. It doesn’t add up to Tantra. Tantra is about the integration of the whole, the conscious weaving together of the fabric of life.

— Rudolph Ballentine, Kali Rising

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