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Culture Vulture/Photo diary: ART AIDS AMERICA at the Bronx Museum

September 16, 2016

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I wanted to reconnect with my old friend and colleague Jeff Weinstein, and we made a plan to take in the “Art AIDS America” show at the Bronx Museum. It amazes me that for all the time I’ve lived in New York City¬† (36 years), I’ve visited the Bronx only three or four times. The previous time was a revelation — the Foundry Theatre’s The Provenance of Beauty consisted of a bus tour of the South Bronx, with a poetic voiceover (text by Claudia Rankine) pointing out how vastly the neighborhood has changed and grown since the late ’70s when it was a virtual war zone. This expedition built on that impression. I enjoyed checking out the street art nearby as well as having lunch afterwards (spicy jerk chicken) at a Jamaican joint on Gerard Avenue called the Feeding Tree.

9-14-bronx-mural-rest-in-peace-digga 9-14-bronx-mural-robot-love 9-14-bronx-altar 9-14-bronx-butterfly-mural
The exhibition, co-curated by Jonathan David Katz and Rock Hushka, was a bit smaller than I expected and lived up to the mixed word-of-mouth regarding the choice of art and artists. Probably anyone who’s interested in this subject matter lives with a platonic ideal of such a show that no actual selection could match. Nevertheless, I was glad to see work by artists I admire, some of which I’d seen before (David Wojnarowicz’s intricate collage painting Bad Moon Rising), some I hadn’t (four panels from a series by Keith Haring called Apocalypse), as well as pieces by artists I’d heard of but never seen (Hunter Reynolds, whose Memorial Wedding Dress is a centerpiece of the show) and some completely new to me (Joey Terrill, whose witty canvas invites a game of spot-the-references while also being the first artwork I know of to depict Truvada, the anti-HIV medication that has revolutionized gay men’s sexual experience).

9-14-wojnarowicz-bad-moon-rising 9-14-bad-moon-rising-detail 9-14-keith-haring-apocalypse-series 9-14-haring-apocalypse-detail9-14-hunter-reynolds-survival-aids 9-14-reynolds-memorial-dress-plaque 9-14-joey-terrill-one-week-of-truvada 9-14-joey-terrill-wall-placque

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