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In last week’s New Yorker…

May 10, 2011

Yes, I’m a week, maybe two behind. But I didn’t want to let the moment pass without citing a couple of articles that made an impression on me.

Jon Lee Anderson is one of the New Yorker’s extraordinary war reporters, and his dispatch from Libya conveys with revelatory specificity the particularly scrappy, hand-to-hand nature of the effort to end the dictatorial rule of Qadaffi. It’s a corner of the world I would never know anything about except for such fine first-hand reporting.

Hilton Als also does a beautiful job profiling Jane Fonda, someone it’s easy to feel like you know everything about. Yet Hilton got extraordinary access to her daily life, and he earned it through scrupulous, thoughtful, and sympathetic attention to her unusually sprawling life’s work. The complete article can only be read online by subscribers, but you can access the link here.

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