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February 2, 2011

It seems absolutely fitting that the last show to go into production at La Mama ETC before that Off-Off-Broadway landmark theater’s legendary founder Ellen Stewart died January 13 was a collaboration between two generations of experimental theater artists — the young writer-singer-songwriter-director-drag-artiste Taylor Mac (above center, with James Tigger! Ferguson and Will Badgett) and the Talking Band, an ensemble that has been creating and performing its own work since 1974. My review of The Walk Across America for Mother Earth has just been posted on

“The play tells the apparently pretty much true story of Taylor Mac’s involvement in an actual 1992 grass-roots march from Pennsylvania to Nevada by activists demanding that the government return to the Shoshone people land that it had appropriated as a nuclear testing ground. But it’s no kind of earnest documentary. The show combines ramshackle vaudeville, a Mickey-and-Judy version of commedia dell’arte (on LSD), and a real play that channels Chekhov and The Wizard of Oz.

You can read the entire review online here.

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