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Feature: DADDY/BOY — Love, Power, and Masculinity

August 24, 2010

Several months ago, Unzipped magazine (one of the skin mags published by the same company that owns The Advocate and Out magazine) commissioned from me an article on daddy/boy relationships for a special issue called “Daddy Knows Best.” As luck would have it, they decided to shut down Unzipped, but the editor shifted over to (also owned by Regent Media) and has finally published my article there.

It begins:

“Of all the role-playing scenarios that excite the gay male imagination (master/slave, coach/athlete, cop/civilian, doctor/patient), none is more potent than daddy/boy. The energy that gets activated between two men in this scene is so deep, profound, and erotic that we can only call it mythological. The interplay of strong, protective daddy with adoring, obedient boy uniquely combines love, power, and masculinity in a way that Carl Jung, visiting his local leather bar, would call archetypal, meaning that it goes with the territory of being human. It’s not that everybody is turned on by daddy/boy fantasies, but we can all locate ourselves along the spectrum of being, having, or wanting a good Daddy. What does it mean to engage in daddy/boy fantasies? And how does that dynamic play itself out in gay male relationships?”

To read the whole article, go here.

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