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Quote of the day: BULLYING

October 13, 2015


[LinkedIn founder Reid] Hoffman persuaded his father to send him first to a private school in Berkeley, and then to the Putney School, a progressive boarding school in Vermont, which another classmate was planning to attend… Once he got there, his relationship with his friend from Berkeley turned sour and another student started a bullying campaign against him. He compared it to the organized cruelty in “Lord of the Flies,” saying, “Little harassments, the techniques of trying to demonstrate power and dominance—that was my first experience of betrayal.” Hoffman used game logic to solve the problem: “The way you deal with bullies is you change their economic equation. Make it more expensive for them to hassle you.” He went to the chief bully, and said that if he continued to hassle him, “ ‘I will break everything you own.’ He stopped.”

–Nicholas Lemann, “The Network Man” in The New Yorker

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