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Quote of the day: AGING

November 11, 2012


Extreme old age is as lonely as God. It has no one to talk to.

— Violet Trefusis, Don’t Look Round

Quote of the day: AGING

March 11, 2012


To my deafness I’m accustomed,

To my dentures I’m resigned,

I can manage my bifocals,

But Oh how I miss my mind.

– Alec Douglas Home

Tomoko Ujiie, 77, photographed for the New York Times by Denis Rouvre

Quote of the day: AGING

October 23, 2011


Among the San Bushmen of southern Africa…the hunt for game with poison-tipped arrows depends on moving rapidly across the veld…. When men become too old to participate in the hunt, they become the makers of the arrows – and tradition ascribes to the arrow maker the primary credit for the kill…. Similarly, only when women are too old for childbearing are they permitted to become shamanic healers, a translation of the love and care they have given their children to the health of the wider community. In both cases, an appropriately limited effort is recognized as having a profound value.

— Mary Catherine Bateson

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