Quote of the Day: SOMNAMBULISM

November 29, 2019


All children are good hypnotic subjects – so good that four out of five of them can be talked into somnambulism. In adults the proportion is reversed. Four out of five of them can never be talked into somnambulism. Out of any hundred children, which are the twenty who will grow up to be suggestible to the pitch of somnambulism? … We can spot them, and it’s very important that they should be spotted…Politically speaking, the twenty percent that can be hypnotized easily and to the limit is the most dangerous element in your societies. Because these people are the propagandist’s predestined victims. In an old-fashioned, prescientific democracy, any spellbinder with a good organization behind him can turn that twenty percent of potential somnambulists into an army of regimented fanatics dedicated to the greater glory and power of their hypnotist. And under a dictatorship these same potential somnambulists can be talked into implicit faith and mobilized as the hard core of the omnipotent party. So you see it’s very important for any society that values liberty to be able to spot the future somnambulists while they’re young.

–Aldous Huxley, Island

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