Quote of the Day: CONFIDENCE

March 16, 2019


Schumer has always been anchored by a core of confidence, as the photo here of her running naked across a park demonstrates. She said she always knew she would be famous and once gave back a $1 million book advance because she believed in herself and figured she would get more money when she was more famous in a few years. She was right…But what about those who lack this self-assurance, who can’t shake off the insults that women deal with every day online? Schumer pauses here. “I want to think on that,” she said: “How do you rise from that?” Less than a minute later, she returns to the question: “Therapy, meditation, weed.”

— Jason Zinoman, “Amy Schumer Doesn’t Care What You Think. Honest,” New York Times

photo by Heather Sten for the New York Times

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