Culture Vulture/Photo Diary: Saturday 8/18/18

August 21, 2018

On Facebook, John Leland turned me on to peach and tomato salad, and now I can’t get enough of it (sometimes with avocado, onion, and pepper, tossed with salt, olive oil, and rice vinegar).

Andy and I set out to ride bicycles to the movies but my rear tire blew out. If we hadn’t had to walk to the subway, I would have missed seeing this strange sight — a duo from Argentina called Ensamble Ferroeléctrico de Marte (you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram).

We planned to see Crazy Rich Asians at Cinépolis in Chelsea but the screening was sold out. So we took a leisurely stroll over to the Whitney Museum, which is open until 10pm on Saturdays.

What stood out for me? Among the selections from the permanent collection, Andy Warhol’s $199 Television (1961, above) and Fairfield Porter’s double portrait Ted Carey and Andy Warhol (1960, below, pre-wig for Warhol).

We popped into The Wild Son for a cocktail and a snack. Later we had another drink and some small plates at Txikito on Ninth Avenue, including a delicious Russian potato salad with tuna and capers plus strange breadsticks that looked like fingers poking up out of the pile.

Between the two pit stops we wandered the High Line after dark, ideal time for viewing Andrea Bower’s neon sign reading “Somos 11 Millones / We Are 11 Million,” which is the number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S.


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