Photo diary: honeymoon in Hawaii, part 2 (Waimea Canyon)

February 22, 2018

They call Kauai “the Garden Isle” for its natural beauty, which shows up in the lush greenery along the north shore, the striking cliffs along the Na Pali Coast (along which there is no roadway), and the colorful ridges that make up Waimea Canyon, Hawaii’s miniature version of the Grand Canyon.

We dutifully drove to the top of Koke’e State Park to have a look at both the coastal views and the canyon.

We encountered a local family scattering Grandma’s ashes in the form of five big balloons they tossed over the side of the cliff, which struck me as ecologically insensitive for Hawaiian natives, but whatever.

And inevitably we booked a one-hour helicopter tour, which is the only way you’re going to get a glimpse of the Na Pali Coast in all its splendor.

Our honey-voiced pilot, Marty, also flew us into the otherwise inaccessible crater of the long-dormant volcano.

One Response to “Photo diary: honeymoon in Hawaii, part 2 (Waimea Canyon)”

  1. Roman Bächli Says:

    Dear Don,

    This brings back good memories of our “honeymoon” in Hawaii, which, of course, in those days, was not preceded by a wedding. Wonderful that things have developed for us the way they have, at least in the West.

    All best, Roman


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