Photo diary: Tax March, NYC, 4/15/17

April 15, 2017

(click photos to enlarge)

Show me what democracy looks like? THIS is what democracy looks like. Empowered citizens hit the streets all over the country today to demand that the president release his tax returns, in the name of accountability, to let the American people judge whether he is acting in our interests or his own in his dealings with foreign powers. It was great to show up at Bryant Park and share energy with a real grass-roots assembly of New Yorkers — lots of pussyhat-energized women, young and old, multi-generational families with kids wielding handmade signs and grandparents in wheelchairs making their voices heard as we marched from there up Sixth Avenue.

Some chants: “We need a leader/Not a creepy tweeter!” “We don’t want your alternate factses/We just want to see your taxes!” “We wanna know/Who you owe!”


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