Photo diary: Anne Teresa de Keersmaker at MOMA

March 31, 2017

(click photos to enlarge)

Last season Anne Teresa De Keersmaker, one of my favorite contemporary choreographers, brought her company to BAM with a piece called Vortex Temporum, which featured the music group Ictus playing live the score by Gerard Grisey. On the big stage it looked like an exercise in chaos theory, somewhat dry and academic. ATDK reconceived the piece as a nine-hour museum exhibition, which is currently having a five-day run in the Atrium at the Museum of Modern Art. It’s pretty cool to go and sit and watch the performers do their concentrated thing just inches away from you (the audience is encouraged to sit not just along the perimeter but anywhere in the space — the performers will move around you, including the musicians). I caught the last hour of the exhibition on Friday March 31.


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