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Photo diary: Come Back to Your Senses, day 1 (Sight)

June 24, 2016

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Sunday morning we woke to the horrible news from Orlando. Dreadful as it was to hear about the tragedy from afar, we consoled ourselves with our own warm community. Two handsome soulful guests joined us for our Sunday barbecue, David and Fabio.

6-12 david eilum fabio ciri
After lunch, we walked down the road to Il Bosco della Ragnaia, a beautiful and witty combination of sculpture park and botanical garden created by an eccentric American artist and took pictures of his witty constructions as well as satyrs and other wildlife.

6-12 boar satyr winged creature6-12 forest field6-12 purple garlic6-12 il bosco english explanation6-12 woodland satyr6-12 craigge cornell box6-12 giardino6-12 andy in the woods

We ended the day with dinner at Osteria delle Crete, where Donatella the chef whipped up beautiful and tasty food art — a zucchini frittata and eggplant with pine nuts, raisins, olives, feta, and panko breadcrumbs over homemade hummus, among other things.

6-13 osteria delle crete6-12 donatella's zucchini frittata6-12 eggplant olives breadcrumbs over hummus

Quote of the day: GUNS

June 24, 2016


On March 17, 2000, [President Bill] Clinton and [Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Andrew] Cuomo announced the deal: among other things, Smith & Wesson agreed to develop a smart gun and take steps to prevent dealers from selling to criminals. Cuomo declared, “We are finally on the road to a safer, more peaceful America.” But on the day the deal went public the N.R.A. denounced Smith & Wesson as “the first gun maker to run up the white flag of surrender.” It released [smith & Wesson CEO Ed] Shultz’s phone number, and encouraged members to complain. He received many threats. One caller said, “I’m a dead-on shot, Mr. Shultz.” Another executive took to wearing a bulletproof vest, according to “Outgunned,” a history of gun-control politics, by Peter Harry Brown and Daniel G. Abel. Online, a boycott took hold, and sales of Smith & Wesson guns fell so sharply that two factories temporarily shut down. In ten months, the stock lost ninety-five per cent of its value, and the company was sold the next year for a fraction of its former worth.

–Evan Osnos, “Making a Killing,” The New Yorker, June 27, 2016

photo by Dan Winters

                                 (photo by Dan Winters)

Photo diary: Italy day 1 (Firenze)

June 24, 2016

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6-11 andy's horned mask
Andy was determined to buy something at Alice’s Mask Shop, which we’d spied last time we were in Florence late at night when the store was closed. He chose this fantastic piece handmade by the Professor, Agostino Dessi (below).

6-11 prof agostino dessi maskmaker

We celebrated the purchase with a delicious meal directly across Via Faenza — my gnocchi with gorgonzola and sausage couldn’t be beat.

6-11 yummy lunch via faenza
Much of our posse gathered Friday night before the retreat began for cocktails in front of the Duomo and dinner behind the Uffizi, which meant pausing to check out Jan Fabre’s sculpture “Searching for Utopia” in Piazza della Signoria.

6-10 friday night in florence
We stayed in a cute small hotel called Casa Howard, formerly a private house — immaculate, smartly furnished, complete with a lovely veranda where we took our breakfast.

6-11 casa howard room from veranda 6-11 casa howard veranda

6-10 firenze street art (tek set)
The Mercato Centrale now has an extensive South American produce vendor.

6-11 peruvian stall mercato centrale
And the upstairs has been transformed into an elaborate Eataly food court.

6-11 mercato centrale eataly

Photo diary: NYC in May, part 2 (people and places)

June 5, 2016

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5-14 allen andy madison avenue

5-14 dhalang talented toes

5-15 front row father and son

5-14 puppet shadows

5-20 2nd ave 2nd st

6-2 just right bowie tribute

6-2 bowie fantribute

5-29 why it smell like empress

wafting across Gunnison Beach, Her Majesty was heard to mutter “Why it smell like Empress”

Photo diary: NYC in May, part 1 (signs and spectacles)

June 5, 2016

(click photo to enlarge)

5-3 one man's treasure

5-7 jobox skyline

5-8 bburg standpipe siamese

5-8 rilke in williamsburg

5-11 martin puryear big bling

5-15 barneys window closeup

5-19 artistic genius poster

6-2 zarin fabrics

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