Photo diary: Come Back to Your Senses, day 1 (Sight)

June 24, 2016

(click photos twice to enlarge)

Sunday morning we woke to the horrible news from Orlando. Dreadful as it was to hear about the tragedy from afar, we consoled ourselves with our own warm community. Two handsome soulful guests joined us for our Sunday barbecue, David and Fabio.

6-12 david eilum fabio ciri
After lunch, we walked down the road to Il Bosco della Ragnaia, a beautiful and witty combination of sculpture park and botanical garden created by an eccentric American artist and took pictures of his witty constructions as well as satyrs and other wildlife.

6-12 boar satyr winged creature6-12 forest field6-12 purple garlic6-12 il bosco english explanation6-12 woodland satyr6-12 craigge cornell box6-12 giardino6-12 andy in the woods

We ended the day with dinner at Osteria delle Crete, where Donatella the chef whipped up beautiful and tasty food art — a zucchini frittata and eggplant with pine nuts, raisins, olives, feta, and panko breadcrumbs over homemade hummus, among other things.

6-13 osteria delle crete6-12 donatella's zucchini frittata6-12 eggplant olives breadcrumbs over hummus

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