Photo diary: Magic House by the Lake, pt. 2 (wildlife)

March 11, 2016

2-14 morning at the magic house

Andy stayed overnight the first night. After that, it was just me, the kitties, the array of woodpeckers drawn to the bird feeder, the migrating ducks and geese and swans on the lake, the dazzling amaryllis blossoms, and the fairy at the bottom of the garden.

2-17 feeding time

2-26 stripey woodpecker

2-26 ducks

2-21 red and white amaryll

2-22 tree fairy

There was this fascinating bit of kinetic artwork:

And on the final morning of my retreat, a little bit of drama. Apparently, a feline cell of ISIS kidnaped — or should I say catnaped? — and beheaded this unsuspecting civilian, clearly trying to teach someone a lesson.

2-27 crime scene

This is all that remained in front of the piano. Who knows where the body went — presumably eaten.

2-27 mouse closeup

Prime suspect: Pharoah the Master Mouser.

2-27 pharoah on the run

Runner-up: Chase. Is that a guilty-pretending-to-be-innocent look in his eyes?

2-21 chase mug shot

Apparently there’s a video circulating on MeowTube but I haven’t found it yet…

2-27 don chase


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