Photo diary: San Miguel de Allende (part 2)

February 15, 2015

(click photos to enlarge)

2-1 hombres1-29 garage skulls2-1 beaded skull

It really is true that Mexican culture acknowledges death more openly than others — Day of the Dead is practically their Fourth of July. You see skulls and skeletons everywhere: the sign for the men’s room (top), garage walls (middle), all kinds of art work (bottom).

2-1 gallery entrance fabrica aurora2-1 lis bisgaard table2-1 mask

We checked out Fabrica Aurora, a former factory that now houses art galleries, antique stores, and cafes.

2-1 david kestenbaum toro2-2 sancho panza lane2-1 skeleton tiger mural

Public art everywhere — David Kestenbaum’s bull is a landmark, but down any alley you’re likely to discover a mural on Sancho Panza Lane or Via Organica.

2-1 cruddy storefront2-1 barbed wire boost1-29 cactus

I loved the cruddy storefronts and the half-finished, now-abandoned hotel just outside the center of town.

1-29 giu

Giuliano (above center) likes San Miguel de Allende so much he bought a house there — he and Stanley live in Sonoma County, California, but will probably be spending more time in Mexico in the years to come.

2-2 stanley hecho2-2 mole negro la cocina
Andy was under the weather for the first few days but finally got the mole negro of his dreams.

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