Quote of the day: JONI

January 20, 2015


Miles Davis taught me how to sing. More and more I’m beginning to show what he taught me – pure straight tones holding straight lines. The feeling when you sing and you open up your heart. If you just try to remember to keep your heart open, it produces a warmer tone than if you really think you’re hot shit, because the tone is going to get cold then. That’s the thing. You can be so flashy and incredible, there’s a certain beauty that comes out of that too, but not out of arrogance…warmth is not gonna come out of it, you know. I always kept Miles and his music, especially at a certain period, a lyrical period, in the area of music that I would play for myself but never thought of it as attainable. And now I’m playing with most of the players who made up that music.

–Joni Mitchell in 1978

miles by joni

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