Good stuff online: Gabourey Sidibe at the MS. Gala

May 4, 2014

I love Gabourey Sidibe. Love. Her. Besides being an extraordinary actress (see Precious — no, really, watch it!), she’s so smart and funny.

She gave a great talk at the Ms. Foundation gala last week that has been posted online. I read many passages aloud to Andy over breakfast. Some made me laugh; some made me cry. Here’s one:

“I got made fun of at school, I got made fun of at home too, my older brother hated me, my dad just didn’t understand me, and my mom, who had been a fat girl at my age herself, understood me perfectly … but she berated me because she was so afraid of what she knew was to come for me. So I never felt safe when I was at home. And my response was always to eat more, because nothing says, ‘You hurt my feelings. Fuck you!’ like eating a delicious cookie. Cookies never hurt me.”

Read the whole thing here and tell me what you think.

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