In this week’s New Yorker

March 13, 2014

new yorker cover march 17Some highlights in addition to Liniers’ delightful cover, titled “Straphangers”):

* Tad Friend’s profile of filmmaker Darren Aronovsky at work on the renegade Biblical epic Noah (I especially enjoyed the description of working with Nick Nolte doing the voice of a character mostly created by CGI);

* “The Reckoning,” Andrew Solomon’s very empathetic profile of Peter Lanza, the father of Adam Lanza, who killed 26 schoolchildren, his mother, and himself in Newtown, CT; and

* “Are You Listening?” by the wonderful novelist and memoirist Andre Aciman, remembering what it was like to grow up with a mother was was deaf.

Dana Goodyear’s profile of Lydia Davis left me unconvinced of Davis’s genius as a short short short short short story writer.

And then, you know, cartoons:

internet rant cartoonwedding toast cartoon

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