Events: public conversation with Robert Lepage at BAM

September 14, 2013

Next Saturday I will be conducting a public conversation with the legendary Quebecois stage director Robert Lepage (above) as part of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s “Iconic Artists Talks” series. Lepage will be performing onstage at BAM Sept. 18-21 in the cast of his company Ex Machina’s latest work, The Blue Dragon, a sequel to The Dragons’ Trilogy, the 1985 epic that put him on the map of internationally acclaimed artists. I interviewed Lepage once before, over lunch with Peter Gabriel, for a New York Times article about Zulu Time, a show he made for which Gabriel wrote some music. The show didn’t play its scheduled run in New York — it was supposed to have opened the week that 9/11 transformed Lower Manhattan, and the known world — but I found Lepage to be a very lively interview subject. He was extremely quick, intelligent, verbal, and unpretentious — he amazed everyone at the table by dropping the French word hétéroclite into the conversation and then making fun of himself for using such a hifalutin and dirty-sounding expression.

The talk will take place at the Hillman Studio on the 4th Floor of the BAM Fisher building at 321 Ashland Place (around the corner from the main BAM building). The event will last about an hour. Tickets at $10 for BAM members, $20 for non-members. For more information and to buy tickets, go here.

One Response to “Events: public conversation with Robert Lepage at BAM”

  1. Roman Bachli Says:

    Perfect timing, Don: I am going to be at the BAM anyhow next Saturday, for NYCO’s “Anna Nicole” at 7:30. And so I got myself a ticket for your interview before that.

    I know Robert Lepage’s work from his productions at the MET, but did not know that he is SO versatile.

    See you there! xo Roman

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