Quote of the day: MAGGOTS

May 9, 2013


Although they make people queasy and uneasy, maggots are the expert cleansers and instinctive purifiers that remove the rot and precipitate genuine healing. Maggots appear wherever the tissues of life begin to rot; they know instinctively how to cleanse whatever becomes diseased. They will remove all decayed flesh but not damage the healthy tissue nearby. The maggots represent a deep process in the soul that knows that whatever ceases to contribute to a healthy life becomes as if a corpse within that will eke its way toward decay and death.

Secretly, maggots are the agents of life and the natural healers of the earth…Although maggots can be seen as the agents of death that eat the flesh away, healers have to have some maggot qualities in them in order to help preserve life. In order for healing to begin, the wound must be opened further. The decayed flesh must be clearly separated and removed in order for the wound to close and for the living flesh to renew the wounded place.

Michael Meade, Fate and Destiny


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