Quote of the day: YOUNG PEOPLE

April 15, 2013


An obstacle to implementing any response to content overload is that one can retreat into a position of indifference. Young people experience a world where nothing can be done. They sense that society is falling apart and nothing will change. [Mark Fisher, in his 2009 book Capitalist Realism] correlates the impotence to widespread pathologization, foreclosing the possibility of politicization. “Many of the teenage students I encountered,” Fisher writes, “seemed to be in a state of depressive hedonia, constituted by an inability to do anything else except pursue pleasure.” Young people respond to the freedom that post-disciplinary systems offer “not by pursuing projects but by falling into hedonic lassitude: the soft narcosis, the comfort food oblivion of Playstation, all-night TV and marijuana.”

— Geert Lovink, Networks without a Cause

3-31 young people

One Response to “Quote of the day: YOUNG PEOPLE”

  1. youngjw3 Says:

    My life experience suggests greater optimism around “young people” than this quote from
    Geert Lovink!

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