In this week’s New Yorker

February 7, 2013

Some good stuff:

* Ian Frazier on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy — a story called “The Toll,” with Frazier’s characteristic love of lists and place names;

* Susan Orlean’s Onward and Upward with the Arts piece on Brendan O’Connell, who paints pictures based on photos he’s taken at Walmart stores;

* Patrick Radden Keefe’s “A Loaded Gun,” a long engrossing Reporter at Large story about Amy Bishop, one of the rare women who suddenly snapped and killed a bunch of people — colleagues at the school in Alabama where she was a professor — with a gun she had in her purse; and

* Zadie Smith’s fiction piece, “The Embassy of Cambodia.”

Plus, an abundance of hilarious cartoons…


…and since this is the anniversary issue, what has become a tradition of sharing some of the near-winners in the competition for cover illustration. This is my favorite runner-up:


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