January 28, 2013

Every Christmastime since 1992, I have created a commonplace book as a gift for friends and loved ones. A commonplace book is customarily a collection of literary quotations and musings organized alphabetically. My versions incorporate poems, cartoons, photographs I’ve taken, and dirty pictures from the internet. They’re fun to make and fun to read. Recipients of the limited edition hard copies tend to treasure them, but I also make them available online. I just posted the 2012 edition, called milk from other animals. You can view it page by page at that link, or you can download the PDF here — it may take a few minutes to download but viewing it on an iPad is probably the best possible way to read the book. Be forewarned: there are any number of, ahem, adult images on the pages so clicking on any of these things is acknowledgement that you are over 18 and have learned to dress yourself. Check it out and let me know what you think.

cover JPEG

2 Responses to “Zines: MILK FROM OTHER ANIMALS (2012)”

  1. Roman Bachli Says:

    Thanks Don, this was lots of fun! Hilarious! Sexy! Educational! Amazing!

    You are amazing!

    And I never knew that some dragonflies are migrating!

    xo! Roman

  2. John Montague Says:


    Thank u so much for sharing this. It’s beautiful. So much love is evident. I read all your weekly blogs and especially enjoy your theatre reviews, New Yorker favorites, and photos.

    John Montague

    Sent from my iPad

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