Photo diary: os Brasilieros

October 26, 2012

Malini bonded with the little girls in the neighborhood, especially Camilla and Fernanda

The local women who pitched in were very strong, and they went about their work in flipflops – no steel-toed boots, no fancy water bottles, no digital cameras sneaking out of pockets every half hour (pictures or it didn’t happen!). If I remember correctly, these are Ivanizia and Ignazia.

at the elementary school we visited, Vittoria (above right) could not take her eyes off me — did I remind her of her grandfather?

the boys and girls in school weren’t strictly kept apart but seemed to separate by choice

the puppetmeister, Ze Lopes

in Limoeiro and vicinity, we saw many bicycles with a curious round bar in the middle. I thought they looked cool; Helena dismissed them as old-fashioned.

I learned a lot from and really respected the 5 masons: (top left to right) Dom, Tomas, Edevao (I’m not sure how to spell his name, but it sounded like Eddie Vaughan), Pedro, and (kneeling) Roberto







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