Photo diary: my Habitat for Humanity team

October 26, 2012

Our fearless leader, Scott Lyle, is a tall balding-blond civil engineer who lives in Baltimore, looks a bit like Woody Harrelson, and speaks in a strong Southern accent (very endearing to me).

the youngest member of our team, 16-year-old Christina, came with her mother Nancy from Scottsdale, AZ

Larry Galpin is a retired executive and world traveler (asked by students for his profession, he told them “playboy”)

Mikal Hasan is a thoughtful, soulful electrical technician for Washington DC’s metro system

Malini Varma from Connecticut, Mary Ann de Jesus from Queens NYC, and Susanna Kelly from Alaska shared a room

I roomed with Julian Kadish, an emergency-care physician from Boston who thoughtfully supplied me with earplugs to mask his world-championship snoring

Christina’s mother Nancy

Originally from Southern California, Laurence Ligon spent many years in Italy designing neckties

my shovel/mortar/drinking buddy Linda Collier runs her own wine store in Wilmington, DE

I bonded heavily with Carolyn Whitaker Spence, an accountant in Baltimore who loves to laugh

Handsome James Marky is an attorney in Washington DC



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