Quote of the day: SONDHEIM

September 9, 2012


Q: What was it like working with Sondheim then and now?

When I worked on the first version of Marry Me a Little, his position in the world of theater was very different; a lot of people criticized his work for its purported coldness, lack of melodic rewards, technical virtuosity over natural beauty. All of those people have died and burned in hell, and he is now generally held to be the finest practitioner of his art in the last 50 years.

— Craig Lucas, interviewed on the occasion of reviving his 1981 Sondheim musical

Suzanne Henry, Stephen Sondheim, and Craig Lucas in 1981

2 Responses to “Quote of the day: SONDHEIM”

  1. Don…I am Suzanne Henry’s best friend since we first met in NYC in 1977 through The Production Company (TPC), founded by, among others, the late Norman Rene and the current Artistic Director of the Pasadena Playhouse, Sheldon Epps. It was SO great to see this Quote of the day by Craig and to see this marvelous photo of Suzanne, Steve, and Craig. I was at the opening night party and remember, fondly, how happy everyone was, including Steve. You hardly ever see a really cute, smiling photo of Steve and this one is probably up there with the best photos of him, ever! Suzanne was unable to attend last night’s opening, but, sent flowers and a card to the Cast and Crew wishing them “much joy.” Thanks again, Don. Sincerely, Evelyn Powers, former member of the League of Off Broadway Theatres and Producers, the Drama Desk, the ASCAP Workshop, and former composer and lyricist of “Love and Other Inconveniences” and “Write Me A Song.”

    • Don Shewey Says:

      thanks for your lovely message, Evelyn! what a nice surprise. it IS a great picture of Suzanne and Craig with Sondheim, isn’t it? it was taken by Jonathan Postal, a freelance photographer for the Soho Weekly News, where I was theater editor at the time.

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